About Us

Marilyn Seltzer - is a certified career coach and consultant. Marilyn works with adults and students empowering them to understand their greatest skills, talents, and interests which enables them to identify and obtain careers they are excited to wake to.  

Additionally, Marilyn has a passion for teaching high school students how to get excited about their futures, how to make informed, meaningful, and conscious choices as they approach their new stages of college and career. You will often find Marilyn teaching in the classrooms of Aspen and Basalt High Schools inspiring kids to take an active role in their futures. She always has a smile on her face.

With over 22 years experience helping either individuals or corporations identify and market their brands, Marilyn has seen all aspects of brand management, including ones own personal style development within their homes. Here is her story.

In New York, later Chicago, Marilyn began working as an advertising account executive with large corporate clients such as General Foods, Maybelline, Chicago Children’s Museum, Continental Airlines, AT&T, and Burger King, creating, and project managing successful marketing and advertising campaigns.  
After working in advertising on the corporate level, Marilyn noticed she loved the creative side of branding, uncovering unique and expressive ways to talk about something. She went back to school at UC Berkley and began working at Barbara Scavullo Design in San Francisco. (Top 10 Interior Design and Architecture Firm).  Marilyn fell in love with helping clients discover their unique sense of style through interior design consultation. Marilyn worked as an interior designer for over 7 years before she took another turn to move to Colorado and raise two amazing children.
In Colorado, while raising two children, Marilyn again went back to school to become a Career Coach. Marilyn’s keen understanding of identifying unique talents & skills, coupled with passionate listening skills, lead her to open the Seltzer Consulting Group, which specializes in career coaching and counseling. Marilyn has a passion for helping people create amazing lives for themselves by finding the careers they crave. After all, that is what Marilyn herself has done throughout her ever evolving life.  
Helping individuals re-discover their hidden passions, then brand and market those within in the hidden job market is a passion for Marilyn.  Behavioral assessments, goal setting, resume development, networking, interviewing, are many of the ways Marilyn has coached her clients.  
Marilyn’s educational credentials include: B.A. Ohio Wesleyan University. U. C. Berkley,(classes in Architecture/Design), Kolbe Corporation, (professional certifications in administering and interpreting assessments) The Academies, (professional certifications in Career Coaching, Brand Management, Job Creation, and Brain Development).
Marilyn is living out her dream in Snowmass Village, Colorado with her husband and two children.